Full payment is taken on reservation in order to hold your places.

Cancellation policy for individuals
Can be cancelled without penalty up to 24hrs prior to start time.
Cancellations within 24 hours, no shows or latecomers are non refundable.

Cancellation policy for private groups and birthday parties.
Can be cancelled without penalty up to 48 hours in advance.
Within 48 hours — sorry no refund.


What is VR?

VR is an interactive computer-generated experience within a simulated  environment, incorporating mainly auditory and visual through a VR headset, but can also incorporate other sensory feedback like motion.

This immersive environment can be similar to the real world or it can be fantastical, creating an experience that is not possible in ordinary physical reality. (Source Wikipedia)

Non technically—its an absolute blast and and a must try experience.


What is the minimum age?

The roller coaster VR rides are suitable for children 5+
Our other VR experiences are best suited for 7 yrs+
Driving simulators need to be at least 4’11 to reach the pedals.

Don’t forget children under 12 years must always be supervised by a parent/ adult in the center.

Some VR games e.g scary themes are age restricted and may not be suitable for young children, our staff will help you choose the best experiences.

Do you have wheelchair access?

Yes and we have lots of experiences and games that are perfect for someone with limited mobility or certain special needs.  Please note there is only a single unisex small bathroom facility in the VR Center and it is not wheelchair accessible. There are however other facilities nearby outside the VR Center.

Can I share my time with someone?

For bookings in VR stations and sim racing, you can share your time / equipment with 1 friend / family member at no extra cost. We recommend to book for 1 hour or more if sharing, so everyone has plenty of time to play.Please note: To respect health and safety, just 1 player and 1 friend/ family spectator can be permitted in the VR center per station/session.
If you are more than 2 people – and wish to watch you must book multiple stations.

Do you sell VR equipment ?

No, but we rent the latest tech headsets for you to try out in your home or back at the hotel.  We can also happily advise you on what we’d recommend to buy.

If I’m organizing a private party – can I bring my own food/drinks/alcohol?

For adults private parties (18yrs+) you may bring your own alcohol but also bring your own plastic cups.  For children’s birthday parties you may bring cake with disposable cutlery. You must tidy up and take everything with you afterwards. Soft drinks are available for sale at the VR center.

Please contact us for any other questions